How to Make a Wood Frame with Acrylic Glazing, Part 1: The Frame

The power tools we’ll be using to make the frame are:

table saw
miter saw
nail gun with compressor and 18-gauge finish nails
palm sander

Framing materials are:

2 x 2 clear pine boards (no knots). Keep in mind that the actual measurements will be more like 1 1/2 x 1 1/2.
1/16 inch clear acrylic (we’re using non-glare)
3/16 inch plywood (optional)

When calculating the measurements for your frame, You’ll have to figure out how many feet of 2 x 2″ pine board you’ll need to accommodate your art. Continue reading

Making and Assembling an Adjustable Silk Painting Frame

Before I discovered these adjustable silk painting frames, I used to use canvas stretcher bars.  I had four in every size… and a pile of “mayhem” in the corner of my studio closet (ugh!).  Now I just have a few of these slim adjustable strips that fit neatly into my silk painting bench (see my March 2014 video blog, “The Silk Painting Studio Storage”), and they’ll hold just about any size silk I choose to paint (for really large pieces, there are other stretching methods… but that’s another blog for another month!).

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How to Display Your Silk Painting: The “Gallery Wrap”

Silk can be displayed in many ways. It can be framed under glass or plexiglass, made into clothing or wall hangings, or wrapped around a shallow box or canvas stretcher bars in a gallery wrap.

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