Silk Painting Dyes: Making New Colors and Keeping Records

Color sample cut from silk and taped onto info card

Make a sample and keep a record of each color you create.

Suppose you’re working on a silk painting of a large flower and you want it to be orange. You don’t have “The” orange in your stash of colors, so you decide to mix up a nice shade. You pour a little yellow and a little magenta dye into a cup. It’s a little too yellow; add some more magenta. Now it’s perfect! You begin painting your flower and, uh-oh, you’re running out of orange. Now, how do you re-create that exact color so you can finish your painting? If you have extra orange left over, do you throw it out or save it to possibly use in a future painting? How do you remember exactly what shade of orange it is, and how do you keep track of it? Continue reading