Creating Two Silk Paintings With One Continuous Design

Here two paintings have common design elements that need to match up when they're displayed side-by-side.

Here two paintings have common design elements that need to match up when they’re displayed side-by-side.

Sometimes you may want to create two or more silk paintings that have a design that flows from one painting to the next.  You’d want to hang them close to each other on a wall, so the design would need to match up where the two paintings meet.  So… how do you accomplish that?  This four-minute video will show you how.

  • Liene Kikute

    Very nice

    • pglose

      Thank you, Liene. Glad you enjoyed.

  • Diane

    Lovely piece. I have previously watched your wrap video, and was wondering if one could use an actual canvas instead of stretcher bars? If so, should a piece of muslin be used or would the canvas be enough? Always enjoy your videos. Also, what a cute puppy!

    • pglose

      Thanks, Diane… He’s a mess, isn’t he! :) I’ve never placed silk over previously-stretched canvas, but why not? And I don’t think you’d need a layer of muslin underneath; the object of that is to create a white background and soften the edges beneath the fabric. With a previously-stretched canvas, that’s already done for you. Try it and let me know how it went!

  • Terri Van Gorp

    What a lovely video! I appreciate your step by step method to prepare two paintings to hang side by side. Gallery wrapping sure makes the display look nice. Using the small paper extension to get the two silks to match up is a beautiful idea. Thanks for sharing, and your precious puppy really wanted to be in the video! What a fluffy cutie!

    • pglose

      Hello my friend! Glad you liked the video. It’s my pleasure to share all these tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years. So much fun; definitely worth the time it takes to do it! I couldn’t do it without little Buckley’s help, though, he has a lot to say to anyone who will listen!

  • Mary Netherton

    Awwww! We want to see more and more of little Buckley! He’s a star!!!!!!!
    Great job and very useful information. Glad Buckley made it clear to you so you could show us.

    • pglose

      I’m sure Buckley would be very happy to oblige! I think he’s pushing to start his very own blog. Thanks for the nice compliments.

  • Kathleen Loftus

    I live in DeLand. Do you ever give classes locally?

    • Hi Kathleen, thanks for your question. Right now I am not offering classes, but will keep your email address on file for the future.