Frequently Asked Questions:

Is silk painting expensive?  It’s a common misconception that silk is expensive.  You can get into silk painting for a very rough estimate of around $75, and that includes the silk.  These supplies will last for several silk paintings.  A 22 x 22 inch hemmed silk scarf (the size we use in our lessons in the ebook) costs about $2.35.

Is silk painting the same thing as silk screening?  No.  Silk screening is a print-making process.  In silk painting, dyes are painted directly onto the silk with a brush.

What if I can’t draw, can I still paint silk?  Absolutely.  Silk is semi-transparent, so you can see through it to trace drawings.  You go over the pencil lines with resist (gutta), then you fill in the design with dyes.  Many beautiful silk paintings incorporate no lines at all, just beautiful abstract swaths of color.

Why should I  buy an ebook on silk painting when there’s so much free information on the internet?  MySilkArt eBook 1:  Silk Painting Basics for Beginners is written by an experienced, award-winning silk painter and Florida certified Art teacher who has taught hundreds of people to paint silk.  The step-by-step instructions take you through the entire process from beginning to end using the same set of supplies and consistent technique.  It’s easy to understand and follow because it includes audio, video, images, and clear written instruction.  It saves you time because all your instruction is in one volume, and money because you’re given a list of reliable supplies and where to find them at the lowest cost.

Do I need a large space to paint silk?  No.  You can use a kitchen or dining room table, as long as you protect your surfaces with plastic (dyes can stain).

What can I do with my silk paintings?  Hand-painted silk can be framed under glass or gallery-wrapped over a frame for display.  It can be sewn into clothing.  It can be incorporated into multi-media sculpture.  Hand-painted silk scarves can be worn in dozens of ways and they make great gifts, too.