How to Remove Mineral Deposits from Your Silk Steamer

Here are the links mentioned in the video:

Using a Vertical Electric Steamer Part 1:  The Steamer Parts and How to Prep the Core

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Using a Vertical Electric Steamer Part 3:  Steaming Your Silk Paintings

  • Diane

    Although I don’t have a vertical steamer, I can use this tip for my large pot I use to steam my silk. I want to thank you for all the tips you provide us and wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year.

    • Hi Diane, I’m glad the tips have helped you. Thank you for the warm holiday wishes, YES it’s going to be a great year! All the best to you and your family as well.

  • Hello to you Pamela from our little island of Vanuatu.
    I finally got to see your video on doing the vinegar clean with your silk steamer. Fantastic result! I was so glad to see it worked for you on the large surface area. I also wanted to share with anyone who may read this, that I also use this method in cleaning for my pressure iron which these days, many people also use in their homes.
    Those irons which draw there pressure steam from a reserve holding tank….where deposits can accumulate.
    Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you have a safe and happy holiday wherever you may be.
    I’ll be in touch Pamela…am taking a few days off from 25th. Take care and thank you!

  • Hi Pamela…..just curious to know if you’ve noticed a difference in the speed your steamer now heats up now you’ve removed the calcium deposits? Linda.

    • Hello again, Linda! Yes the vinegar gave a great result, and it was a fun project too! Thanks also for the additional tips about the pressure irons. To answer your question, I have not used the steamer since it was cleaned, but when that day comes I will let you know if it’s more efficient. You have a happy holiday too, enjoy your time off!