How to Stretch Silk for Painting Using Hariki and Shinshi

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  • Patricia Pope

    Thank-you for showing how to use the stretcher bars..I have some, a little different,
    from when I did a class with Ed Lambert, at Arrowmont years ago…in another lifetime.
    Somewhere, I have the bamboo poles, but we moved around so much in the Army..lots of things were misplaced. So, when I get ready to tackle a big project, I will order some more from the website you mentioned.

    • I’m glad to have helped stir up your memories of using this system, Patricia. Once you get some more shinshi, you’ll use them for a lifetime. Have fun!

  • Thanks for another great tutorial. I’ve never seen this before, so more info to add to the knowledge base.

    • Hello Elaine, thanks for your comment. I’t’s an honor to have introduced you to the awesome hariki/shinshi! Seems there’s always something new to learn, doesn’t it. By the way, I visited your website and your scarves are awesome. The Giraffe scarf is exceptionally cool!!

  • Robin

    Great Video and very useful information. Thank you for sharing.

  • Terri Van Gorp

    I really want to thank you for posting this video! Using the Hariki and Shinshi to stretch the silk for larger pieces was most fascinating. You make it look so easy! Your step by step instructions were excellent!
    Thanks for posting!!

  • Lyn

    I live in the Caribbean, and we use rain water in electrical irons, and steamers, so that there are no hard water deposits. Try this.