If you’d like to learn silk painting and get to the point where you are creating complete, beautiful pieces, the MySilkArt ebooks series is your cutting-edge path.  Every ebook has video, audio, pictures and clear written instructions.  The books are written by an Art teacher who is also a professional silk painter with the experience of teaching hundreds of people to paint silk.  The same supplies are used in all of the ebooks, so there’s no confusion about what you need to buy.  They’re available in the iTunes store in iBooks for iPad users (iOS 5.1 or later using iBooks 3.0 or later).  Soon to be available in other formats like Nook and Kindle… we’re working on it!

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Step One:  MySilkArt eBook 1:  Silk Painting Basics for Beginners ($5.99).  Download a sample for free.   Click HERE to see this ebook’s short introduction video.  If you’re brand new at silk painting or would like a refresher, this is the perfect place to begin.  It gives you a complete supply list and where to find the supplies in the USA, Canada, and United Kingdom (All other countries can do a web and local supply search).  You’ll create two 22 x 22-inch abstract silk paintings while you learn how to work with gutta resist, dye painting techniques, and how to steam-set your silk paintings.  The video, audio, and written instructions are easy to follow.  Once you’ve completed this ebook, you’ll be armed with everything you need to paint silk independently.  But if you’d still like someone to “hold your hand” for a little longer…

MySilkArt ebook 2: Paint Three Easy Silk Scarves cover

Step Two:  MySilkArt eBook 2:  Paint Three Easy Silk Scarves ($3.99).  Download a sample for free.  Sometimes when you’ve just learned a new skill, you’d like a little direction while you begin to gain some experience.  If you’ve read MySilkArt eBook 1 or you already know how to work with gutta and steam-set silk, you’ll have no trouble creating these three easy and colorful 22 x 22-inch scarf designs.  You’ll be provided with drawings that you can print out and trace onto your silk, then follow along with the video and read the directions as you practice skills like shading and color overlay techniques.

Step Three and Beyond:  The MySilkArteBooks Encore Series ($1.99 each).  Each one of these ebooks uses video and written instructions to take you step-by-step through the painting process.  You’ll create the 22 x 22-inch piece shown on the cover.  The drawing sections are provided for you to print out onto 8 1/2 x 11-inch paper and tape together to make one large drawing, which you’ll trace onto your silk.  It’s not necessary that you read eBook 2 in order to complete any of these Encore ebooks, but you should at least have read eBook 1 or have some experience with silk painting (you should know how to work with gutta and steam-set silk; the Encore ebooks don’t cover those processes).  They’re designed for beginners, so none of the paintings in this  series is difficult.  They’re listed here from the very easiest to the most challenging.  Which ones you choose just depends on your level of confidence and your individual preferences.



Lizard Love:  This is the simplest silk painting in the Encore series.  If you’re feeling a little timid, start with this one ($1.99).

Click HERE to see a short demonstration of this silk painting.






MonarchButterflyBookCoverMonarch Butterfly:  You’ll work with mixing dyes to create new colors.  You’ll also do lots of blending, shading, and color overlay ($1.99).


Click HERE to see a short demonstration of this silk painting.






Dolphin Reef:  You’ll do some free-form shapes without gutta lines, as well as work with gutta in this painting.  The simple shapes of the dolphins and the organic coral and water forms make this simple painting a good match for beginning to intermediate silk painters ($1.99).

Click HERE to see a short demonstration of this silk painting.





Abundance:  Several of the painting techniques introduced in eBook 1 are used in this colorful silk painting.  You’ll practice wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry techniques, shading, blending, and color mixing ($1.99).







Jungle Parrot:  You’ll work with color mixing, blending, highlighting and shading in this dramatic silk painting ($1.99).








Carousel Dream:  You’ll learn subtle shading concepts and get plenty of practice on the white horse in the painting.  This wet-on-dry color overlay is one of the easiest and most versatile backgrounds; once you learn it, you’ll want to experiment with it often ($1.99).






Fruit Harvest:  This is listed as the most challenging of the Encore series because of the complexity of the design, the finesse it takes to shade and highlight small objects (like grapes), and the larger number of new dye colors you’ll create by mixing.  You’ll have a lot of fun with this one while getting plenty of valuable practice with highlighting and shading ($1.99).