Award-winning silk painter and Art teacher, Pamela Glose

Award-winning silk painter and Art teacher, Pamela Glose

Pamela Glose, Silk Artist

Pamela discovered silk painting while taking a Fiber Arts class for continuing education at the University of Central Florida in 1996. She immediately fell in love with the combination of flowing dyes, rich colors, and shimmering fabrics.  She became an avid silk painter, experimenting extensively with ways to paint silk and use it in multi-media works of art.

After teaching Business and Art in the Central Florida public and private school systems for 15 years, Pamela “retired” from teaching to become a full-time, professional silk painter.  She very much enjoys teaching the process, and seeing the surprise and delight of people who discover they can can create beautiful paintings on silk–even those who don’t consider themselves to be “artists”.

In order to reach more students, recently Pamela has been working on a MySilkArt series of instructional ebooks for people who want to learn to paint silk.  Her goal is to instill knowledge and confidence in first-time silk painters at the lowest possible cost to them.  MySilkArt ebook 1:  Silk Painting Basics for Beginners includes audio, video, images, and clear written instruction on the entire process of silk painting, from start to finish.  MySilkArt ebook 2:  Paint Three Easy Silk Scarves is a continuation of ebook 1 for students who want more.   Simple, wearable silk art is created (following video and written instructions) using the same supplies and techniques as ebook 1.   Click on the “eBooks” page link to find out more.