• Meech Harrigan

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful tips, inspiration & passion for silk painting! Truly appreciate you, Pam!!!

    • pglose

      Thank you Meech, you’re a doll!

  • Patricia Pope

    Thanks again for wonderful tips, Pamela. You may get me organized yet. Glad you clarified what brand of dye..also.. for instance..I must have at least three diff shades of yellow..i e lemon, sunshine etc. . lots of blues…all give such diff shades , tints of green. Working on a piece now..so had to refer back to you book on my i pad..for blending colors. I do appreciate your time..you have really helped me a lot!

    • pglose

      I’m so glad Patricia, thanks for letting me know! Yes it helps to make a swatch of all your pure colors too, before you mix them with anything. Good way to keep track of what each one looks like.

  • Diane

    Great reminder of what I have forgotten. Off to get a recipe box and follow through on my color swatches. Thanks so much for all your information. You are truly inspiring.

    • pglose

      Thanks, Diane. You will love your color box!!

  • Jennie Digs

    Love your work! I had no idea the thought, time, preparation and organization behind every piece of beautiful art you do.
    The world is more beautiful because of people who openly share their talents and gifts like you do. Bless you!

    • pglose

      Bless you too Jennie Digs, you sweet soul!

  • Terri Van Gorp

    Pamela! What great tips for the future! Time savers for sure! Keeping notes on the back of the card for the painting you used that color in will be very helpful as well. You are so sweet to share your ideas. Thanks for sharing!!! Happy Silk Painting!!

    • pglose

      Thanks Terri!

  • parvana

    My name is parvana and I do silk painting. I am having a problem with the black guta sticking once I have steamed My painting. What suggestions do you have to help with this?
    Thank you! !

    • pglose

      Hi Parvana. Your gutta may be out of date. It should not be sticky once it has dried. Try making your gutta lines just thick enough to hold dye. Buy a new bottle of gutta if the one you have is getting older (mine lasts a little less than a year but it varies according to environment). A good bottle of gutta should be thick like honey. Thin and runny means it’s no good. Even with good gutta, black can stick to itself and make marks on your scarves over time if they are folded. Solve this problem by lining your silks with wax paper before you fold them up for storage; that way the silk can’t touch itself and it will be impossible for the gutta lines to make marks on your silk painting. Also, be careful when ironing; if the iron is too hot, it will melt and smear your black gutta lines, especially if the gutta was out of date.