Silk Painting Studio Renovation, Part 1: Turning Two Small Rooms into One Big Space

Hooray, it’s finally happened!  I now have a much larger silk painting studio, thanks to my amazing husband Gerry!  This has been a dream for a very long time, fueled more recently by the need to accommodate more students and more fun projects.  This year I visited my silk painting buddies in Washington and Canada, Karen Sistek and Moe Reilly, and their huge, gorgeous studios gave me renewed resolve for one of my own (although it still does not rival theirs in size, it’s perfect for me!).  Since this has been such an all-consuming project this year, I thought I’d share the condensed version of all the action with you.  Thanks for sharing in the joy.


  • Jennie Digs

    Nice job, husband Gerry!

  • Diane

    Congratulations and Happy New Year. What a wonderful space you both have created. Looking forward to Part 2.

    • Thanks, Diane! Happy new year to you too! Gerry is going to make me a table, so as soon as that’s finished the studio will be all done and ready to put on film. Thanks for your interest and for the nice compliment!