• Diane

    Thanks for another great video. I need to start experimenting with new varieties of silk.

    • pglose

      You’re welcome, Diane, have fun with it!

  • Patricia Pope

    Thanks for the discussion on the different silks..most helpful. Reading about your Double Frame Silk paintings..I do want to try this for sure…wondering about the depth of the ready made frames..as I have not been able to put a single form core board with a painting on it in that type of frame. You are so helpful..thanks again. Patricia

  • Terri Van Gorp

    Very informative video, Pam! Thanks for all the details regarding the various types of silk! It was nice to see your butterflies and fish too. You are such a talented artist!

  • Susan Huff

    Thanks for the information

  • Ali a

    Pamela where do you buy the silk from? Thanks for your wonderful videos!